Injection molding engineer (5)
1. Electromechanical and polymer majors, high school education or above, more than 5 years working experience in injection molding, experience in car lights, safety parts, interior and exterior trimmings is preferred;
2. Proficiency in the processing characteristics of various engineering plastics, as well as the process modulation methods of various injection molding machines, can solve technical problems of certain difficulty;
3. Master the manufacturing process and maintenance method of the mold, can handle the general mold failure, and propose improvement solutions to the problems in the mold structure that affect the molding process;
4, proficient in the knowledge of the molding process, a solid theoretical foundation, technical guidance and training for technical novices;
5. Understand the general failures and troubleshooting methods of injection molding equipment, correct maintenance and maintenance equipment and various fixtures;
6. Understand the relevant requirements of the ISOTS16949 quality system;
7, good health, can adapt to overtime.

Job responsibilities
1. Responsible for the trial and acceptance of new models and modified models, and put forward professional evaluation reports;
2. Continuously improve and improve the processing technology, improve quality and efficiency, and reduce production costs;
3. Guide and train technical personnel to improve the overall technical level;
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